Colomba Property helps people moving to a smaller home, retirement village of aged care facility, plus those in charge of deceased estates.

We enjoy helping those in need, including:

  • Elderly who are upgrading but downsizing or moving into Aged Care.
  • People who have lived in their home, formed lifelong memories and collected personal treasured items over many years, and are unable to physically move home on their own.
  • Those with a disability whether it be short or long term.
  • People living with a disability or have recently had an accident or illness, and either choosing or having to move home.
  • Family members or friends.
  • Those who are unable to assist due to location, current work and family commitments.
  • Those who have loved ones that are moving home for one reason or another, but do not have the time or emotional strength to sort through and move their personal belongings.
  • Solicitors nominated as executors of estates and request a house be emptied and prepared for rent or sale.
  • People with Enduring Power of Attorney with the same considerations as above.

We are sensitive, compassionate and understanding of our clients, their family and friends.  Our work is to assist you in a time and cost-effective manner so you can focus on other things in life.

If you or someone you know could use the clearing out home services provided by Colomba Property, call Jeanne today on 0402 126 157 or email her at