Please contact us with any queries or to arrange a free consultation.

Are you local?

Yes, we are based in Coolum Beach and cover the Sunshine Coast region.

How much does it cost?

That depends on you. We are a one stop shop for house clearance and cleaning, plus additional services like assistance with disconnection of services and change of address.  Thus, we offer a free in-home consult when you advise what you require assistance with and it gives us a chance to see what work will be involved.  We then provide you with a personalised written quote for your review.

Can your fees be paid for through our home care package provider?

Yes, it is possible.  We have contracts with a couple of home care package providers on the Sunshine Coast and are willing to sign up with others.  Thus, if you have funds remaining in your package and your approved provider agrees, our fees may be paid from your package.

Who determines how much to sell items for?

You nominate what items you would like sold and set any minimum price.  We will research and provide you with a price guide for items.  We may sell or give away additional items, as we try to reduce the impact on the environment and amount that ends up as rubbish.  We will try to obtain the best possible price in the timeframe set.

What happens to the money you receive from selling our belongings?

All money received from selling your items goes back to you in one way or another.  Either as a credit on your invoice or in cash / direct deposit.

How do you sell items?

We will advertise items on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.  If you have antiques or collectibles, we will arrange antique dealer(s) to attend and look at and purchase items within your home. We like to support other local small businesses as well as charities.  We will also reach out to specific associations, if there are specialised goods to be sold / given away, such as sporting clubs.

Do you always get the price we want?

Unfortunately, no.  We cannot promise we will get you the minimum price or the price we suggest advertising the item(s) at.  The price is determined by the market at the time and is quite often influenced by how much time we have to sell the items.  We will maintain open communication with you throughout to work through this.

Who do you donate goods to?

We let you chose and nominate your preferred charity.  Some charities we have donated to include Bloomhill Cancer Care, Salvation Army, Lifeline and Neighbours Aid.  There are others you can choose from including (this list is not exhaustive) St Vincent DePaul’s, Red Cross and Hospice.

Can we chose our own removalist and trades?

Yes you can.  We will obtain quotes on your behalf, then organise and supervise them to ensure your move runs smoothly.

What happens if we want to do the work ourselves, but need a hand planning and obtaining contacts for services and selling items?

Contact us so we can discuss what you require and provide you with a low-cost package to provide you with the tools and contacts to make the job easier for you.

Do you receive any kickbacks or commissions from your service providers?

No.  We pass on the service costs we are charged, with no additional extras and receive no bonuses from the businesses providing the services.