About the Golden Beach project.

Following health issues, this client made the decision to move to Seasons Aged Care, so she had more services that were easier to access for a better lifestyle.  Due to her health issues and relatives living in Far North Queensland, the client and her family called upon Colomba Property to assist with the move and home clearance.

Both the client and her relatives were grateful for Jeanne’s assistance in the sorting process.  The client had a hard trouble of letting go of personal belongings and the relatives knew they would find it frustrating if they helped.

Jeanne worked with the client sorting and packing the treasured items.  Caloundra Removals assisted with the moving of the furniture and personal belongings.  Jeanne unpacked and helped the client settle in to her new 1-bedroom unit.

It was then time to pack up the remaining items left in the 2-bedroom unit, whilst selling items of value.  The Salvation Army collected a small truck load of furniture, books, clothes, ornaments and other quality items.  Following which, the damaged furniture and rubbish was placed into a skip bag/bin, collected and taken to the rubbish tip.  The financial documents were securely destroyed through the services provided by Grace Removals.

The unit was cleaned, yard tidied, carpet cleaners organised and the unit was ready for settlement.

The client was grateful as she was “not having to think about shifting”.

About 6 months later, we were called back.  Our client’s health had improved, and she now wanted to be living in a retirement village again, so she have us a call.  We worked with her to pack all her belongings, move and unpack them in her new place.

She is now happily settled.


Golden Beach before

Golden Beach after