About the Pelican Waters project.

In January (pre COVID-19) we met with the David and Cynthia, a couple looking to move to Seasons Aged Care, and one of their sons whilst he was in Australia for a short visit.  We discussed their situation, needing to sell the unit they were living in before moving to the aged care facility, plus the fact that one son lived in Abu Dhabi, the other in New Zealand.

Around early March we had a settlement date for the sold unit and an approximate move in date.  This actual move in date was continually changed and final settlement date was confirmed about 48 hours prior to settlement, bought forward from Easter Tuesday to Easter Thursday.

COVID-19 restrictions meant the son in New Zealand being unable to assist in Australia.  Thus, we held video conferences with David and Cynthia and their son, plus sent numerous photographs throughout the project to ensure all items the sons wanted were kept.

In spite of all this, David and Cynthia’s move went smoothly, all settled in and the house was emptied and cleaned ready for the early settlement.

We were also able to donate numerous power and hand tools to the Halcyon Parks and Coolum Beach Men’s Sheds, so when the COVID-19 restrictions were over, the men had some great new tools to work with.  Numerous items including clothes, books, toys, a fridge and other electrical items were donated to Bloomhill Cancer Centre Op Shops.

“You provided excellent service and I don’t think there is anything you could have done better.”  Ian (son)

“Thanks Jeanne. Once again you’ve exceeded expectations.  I spoke to Dad and he’s very happy with the result.”  Paul (son)

By the end of May 2020, unfortunately Cynthia’s dementia resulted in a move to another aged care facility.  With the Covid-19 border restrictions still in place, the sons were still unable to assist their parents.  Thus we were called upon to assist with rearranging furniture and clearing out one unit.

All settled in to Seasons – March 2020

Re-settled in to Seasons – June 2020

Pelican Waters after

Pelican Waters before