Do you have the time, physical or mental strength required to sort, pack and move all the personal belongings when moving house?

The benefits of using services provided by Colomba Property:

  • Once you advise Colomba Property what you would like to keep, we sort through the rest. If we find something we think may be of interest or value we will communicate this with you.
  • We understand there is a personal attachment to many items in a home and it can be a difficult decision whether to keep or discard items. By not having the close emotional connection with the personal belongings, we will complete the task in less time.
  • We know the people who can move items for you and can coordinate this to occur at the appropriate times
  • We organise the removalists to pack the treasured and essential items being kept and moved to the next home or sent to storage
  • We organise the sale, donation and removal of unwanted items. Consideration is given to the time it takes and potential price of selling items, that not all items are accepted by charities, the cost of dumping unwanted items and the fact that the sooner the home is cleared, the sooner it can be rented or sold.
  • Prior to sale, Colombo Property can coordinate essential removalist, cleaning and maintenance services.

You can choose:

  • To let us know what you would like to keep and where those belongings are to be moved to, then leave the rest to us


  • We can work alongside you through the sorting and packing


  • We can leave the selling, donating and removal of unwanted items up to you


  • We can organise this on your behalf


The initial consultation is free, following which we can provide you with a quotation.

Let Colomba Property help you get control and take away a lot of the work involved in clearing out a home.

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Property Consulting

If you are interested in maximising the financial benefit of selling your home, but are unsure what to spend your money on, Jeanne Motteram will help you make the right decisions.

Using her experience in buying, renovating, investing in and selling homes as well as working for builders and land developers, she wants to help others benefit from their property investment.

We will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of de-cluttering, cosmetic and structural renovations, property styling, cleaning, landscaping and yard maintenance.  Everyone has different circumstances, so we will provide information and recommendations based on your property and the market conditions as well as your budget, time and stress levels.

If you are just after how to go about the process or need some contacts, then please contact Colomba Property today to see how we can help you.