Client Testimonials

“Jeanne Motteram is indeed a legend!

My dealings with Jeanne would be just about the best customer service experience that I have ever had.

My brother and I who live in Victoria were tasked with having to clear out our Father’s Buderim unit as he was moved into Aged Care. We were unable to do so as the Covid-19 restrictions prevented us from travelling to Queensland. The Aged Care facility suggested that we get in touch with Jeanne. The following is what transpired;

  • I spoke with Jeanne and she was going to organize with the Aged Care Facility to view the unit.
  • We received a quote the next day. The quote I thought was incredibly good value.
  • Later the same day, we received a series of photos of Dad’s belongings in a very professional format.
  • Jeanne organized a Zoom meeting with myself and my brother for the next day to work out what we wanted to do with Dad’s belongings.
  • At 10.00pm that night, Jeanne sent through photos of what my brother and I wanted to keep.
  • The next day, Jeanne sent through a comprehensive list with the following details of Dad’s possessions;
  • What was going to be kept.
  • What was going to be transferred to Mum and Dad.
  • What was going to be sold including approximate sale price.

Over the following days, Jeanne proceeded as follows;

  • Advertised items for sale. The proceeds to be deposited into our bank account.
  • Packaged up items for my brother and I for collection.
  • Transferred belongings to Mum and Dad.
  • Arranged for items that were not sold to be picked up by charity.
  • Arranged for the Foxtel Box and Personal Alarm to be returned via Australia Post.
  • Arranged for the remaining items to be sent to the tip.
  • Thoroughly cleaned the unit inside and out as confirmed by a series of photos.
  • Jeanne completed the job on time, exactly as she predicted.

I found Jeanne an absolute delight to deal with. She was very precise and professional in her communications and nothing was ever too much trouble. From my very first conversation with Jeanne, I just felt that this was going to be a good experience. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jeanne if you need to clear out your property.


Tim Dowdell

Buderim project

“It was a difficult move considering the Coronavirus issues and that the move was being conducted around the Easter break. As both my brother and I were unable to attend the move as planned, Colomba provided excellent communication via email and telephone and from my perspective this was the best part of the service, I never felt that I did not know what was going on or what was being planned, it gave me peace of mind that there was someone capable helping my parents.”

Paul Whitfield

Buderim project

“Constantly, I engage with the elderly and their families looking to move from the family home into my community here at Seasons Golden Beach.

Jeanne from Colomba Property is fantastic at providing a simple, convenient service to my incoming residents.  I have personally seen the results of when she has assisted my incoming residents with decluttering and downsizing, donating and disposing of excess furniture and belongings that just didn’t fit in to their new apartment. Jeanne offers hands-on support to assist them to settle into their new home.

To minimising workload and the stress of moving, I could not recommend Jeanne highly enough.”

Deb Blundell, Sales Manager, Seasons Caloundra.

“Jeanne helped my family during a very difficult time. My mother had suffered a serious injury and we needed to urgently (and unexpectedly) arrange for her large 5 bedroom house to be sold.

Jeanne helped us with everything – she arranged the furniture removalists, held a garage sale, donated the items that could not be sold, arranged all the renovations and gardening work that needed to be carried out on the house. She also arranged quotes from painters, real estate agents, roof cleaners and staging companies and then helped us decide which quotes to accept (and provided us with helpful reasons for her recommendations).

Jeanne also did a great job of liaising with the many different people and contractors, who assisted with the renovation and sale preparation for the property (and we were very glad that we followed all of Jeanne’s recommendations).

Jeanne was, at all times, warm, friendly, helpful and understanding. She was also a great communicator and did an excellent job of keeping us up to date with how things were progressing. Throughout the whole project, Jeanne was also extremely trustworthy, honest, hardworking and reliable. We feel very grateful to Jeanne for the fantastic job that she did. Without Jeanne, things would have been a lot more complicated and stressful for everyone in our family (and we would never have been able to sell the house so quickly and for such an excellent price).”

Jenny Collison

Newport project

“Jeanne Motteram is an absolute legend!

We operate a Real Estate business on the Redcliffe Peninsula, specializing in higher end properties.

I first came across Jeanne when I was asked to appraise a canal property that was a little over 20 years old and very dated, both in its interior decor and furnishings. These properties are traditionally quite difficult to sell for a premium price with average days on the market currently well over 100 days (to get a contract).

Jeanne and I discussed what the property needed to have done to it. The owners wanted to add value and make the sale process faster and easier, whilst at the same time achieve a premium result. The budget as always was very strict.

It was at this stage that I was appointed to sell the property, with Jeanne also given the almost impossible task of a 4-week deadline to work her “miracles”.

Well, work miracles she did. Jeanne coordinated all the trades and ran the process like a military operation. The project was delivered on time (I couldn’t believe it) and all the finer details were taken care of. She used the right people, from the painter/decorators, gardeners, floor polishers, electricians even the property stylist.

The end result saw us given a remarkably saleable property that was almost unrecognizable from the one I appraised 4 weeks earlier. This allowed us much more scope to market and Jeanne’s work helped us achieve an outstanding result – over $100,000 more than our initial estimate (with Jeanne’s cost barely 1/3 of this). In other words, the investment the owners made in Jeanne “tripled their input”. Not only did the sellers bank more money than we imagined possible prior to the property overhaul, the sale period was compressed with over 30 inspections in a couple of weeks.

The property went under contract and was settled within 45 days from its initial listing date (way less than half the area average) with interest from multiple parties. With Jeanne’s help the owners achieved everything they set out to do and more.

Jeanne did such a good job that I cannot do anything but recommend her. She is focused, hardworking and knows her stuff. SIMPLE!”

Stephan Siegfried
Owner – OneAgency Redcliffe – North Lakes

“Unfortunately my mother suffered a serious injury, resulting in her having to move from her 4 bedroom double storey home in Newport, Queensland into an Aged Care facility where she could receive the care and support she requires.

My sister, Jenny and I engaged the services of Jeanne to prepare our mother’s house for sale, we couldn’t have done it without her. Jenny lives in Sydney with her husband and 2 children, whilst I live in Melbourne with my wife and 2 children.  So our lives are busy with work, school and our own businesses.

Jeanne asked Jenny and I to meet her at the house with my mum, so we could advise what we wanted kept.  It was during this visit that I realised how emotionally difficult it was to go through the family home, with all the memories.  I could not have done what Jeanne did for us.

Jeanne was there to help us through a very difficult and stressful time, looking after our family belongings and memorabilia.  Jeanne provided us advice on what how best to present the house for sale and went about organising everything.

Within 6 weeks, she arranged a removalist for items to be stored/kept, held a garage sale and sold items for us, which helped financially. The house was painted, floorboards polished, the yard cleaned, a few minor repairs and staging furniture bought in.

The result was a quick sale of the house for a price more than we expected.”

Ben Brookman

Newport project

“I travelled down from Mackay to Caloundra last week to see Shirley at Seasons.
Thank you for all your efforts in moving her across from Clearwaters and settling her in. She certainly could not have managed without your connections and help.”
Pam Gargett