About the Tewantin Project.

The clients (husband and wife) arrived home from being in respite care for about 3 weeks, when they met Jeanne.  The clients had been given 5 weeks in which they were to move out of their current unit.  Following the free in-home consultation, Jeanne worked with the clients for an hour so they could get a feeling for how  Jeanne worked.

The clients decided they wanted a few days at home to sort through a few things before starting the pack up.  After the weekend, Jeanne returned to the client’s unit and worked with the clients to sort out what they wanted to keep.  It was only on this day that the clients were to move in to the Residential Aged Care Facility immediately, due to health reasons.

The sorting and packing up of the unit was completed in a timely manner with many discussions with the clients.  This was to ensure the treasured items, were kept and moved to the clients new residence.  Unfortunately, they were unable to assist in the sorting due to health reasons.

Numerous items were sold on behalf of the clients. The Salvation Army Noosaville, the client’s charity of choice, picked up a truck full of items.  The rubbish was removed, the yard tidied and unit cleaned ready for the tenancy exit inspection and return of the keys.

Following the request of the clients, Jeanne also helped them with the disconnection of services and changing of address.

The client’s have said “Jeanne did a wonderful job” and there was no way they could have completed the job without her assistance.

Tewantin after

Tewantin before