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The hardest part for seniors relocating to an aged care facility is the process of getting there.  The main problem tackling this step is not clearing out our home, or booking a removalist. Usually the problem is us.

As we age, like a fine wine, we adopt a more simplistic lifestyle.  We like being in our own home, surrounded by all our things, and not having to make tough decisions.

We need to embrace this time of life and make the very most of it for our health and happiness.   We need to make those decisions.   There are so many advantages to living in an aged care facility, most say they wonder why they left it for so long.

The recent Royal Commission Report into Aged Care proved many flaws in the system.   We are at an advantage on the Sunshine Coast given our government’s focus on growth in our region and the need for health care in the aged sector.   With the opening of the Sunshine Coast Hospital, and an influx of high level clinicians,  additional funding has been provided to support the increasing number of elderly residents on the Coast.  The number of aged care facilities have doubled in a decade with most facilities accommodating from early retirement living to full palliative care.

Aged care living provides many reasons to make this lifestyle change attractive.  We list some of them here:

  • You are in a safe environment.  Yes, you can sleep soundly knowing there are staff on hand day and night.   Seems a little like VIP treatment and you deserve it.   We should also mention the peace of mind your loved ones will feel knowing you are safe.
  • You will make new friends. A sense of community is an important step to our wellbeing.  We all need to feel a part of something and what better way than meeting new people to share stories, tips and tricks.
  • You have professional help on hand. Your health is vital and your facility will have all your details.  Trained staff will know when and how to assist you as needed.   Should any emergency occur there will be no delays in getting the care you should be afforded.
  • Lots of activities. Dancing, art class, cards, bingo and the list goes on and on.   You will have no problems filling your day with your choice of things to do.  Regular movie sessions are normally to hand so the entertainment is endless.  Most facilities encourage outdoor activities so expect to find yourself out and about on a variety of adventurous excursions.  You choose what suits you.
  • No more housework!  Yep…  it’s like going to a restaurant for your meals and leaving the dishes for someone else.  Goodbye vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, all those cleaning products.  Time to put my feet up with a good book.

As hard as it may be to leave the home you love and accustomed to, a fresh new environment with all the advantages listed above, may just be what is best for you!

The Colomba Team offer a variety of packages to assist you in the process of relocation.   Our first consultation is free… Contact us to make a time

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