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Maintaining a good work ethic whilst being honest, caring, compassionate and respectful to others.


Jeanne is Founder and Director of Colomba, a  home relocation service for seniors on the Sunshine Coast.  In creating this business, Jeanne’s mission was to help the local seniors community where needed.   Jeanne saw a need in providing a service to the aged care community of the Sunshine Coast in areas of de-cluttering and clearing out their homes.  Jeanne’s background ranging from the police force, hospitality and the property industry, have brought enormous strength to the Colomba team.


Jeanne shares her multitude of knowledge and skillset with the Team.

Our team are fully experienced and highly trained in all aspects of relocating from their former home to their new adventure.  We are focused on keeping you relaxed and happy during this process.

We understand all too well that packing up and moving home is both physically and emotionally taxing and a lot of compassion is required when helping seniors or friends and family of the deceased.

If you are concerned about the state of your home, please be reassured we have been in many homes in various state of repair, with a whole range of personal belonging.  Nothing is a surprise to us.


Jeanne Motteram



Where are you based?

We are based in Coolum and provide our Seniors Home Clearing Services over the whole Sunshine Coast region.

How much do your services cost?

As we cover a wide range of senior services this will depend on you.  For this purpose, we offer a free in-home consultation to discuss your needs.   We will then provide you with a personalised written quote for your review.

Can we pay through our home care package?

We have contracts with some home care package providers on the Sunshine Coast and can certainly explore this option for you.

What happens if we want to do the work ourselves but need assistance in planning and obtaining contracts for service and selling our items?

We are more than happy to meet with you and guide you through these processes.  We can provide you with a low cost package which includes the tools and contacts to make the job easier for you.

Do you sell our items at our recommended cost and do you charge commission?

We charge no commission on sale of your items, our initial quote will be the only fee payable.  We organise the sale of your items through social media.   With higher priced valuables we will arrange an antique dealer to come and assess the goods.   We need to point out we cannot promise to get you the minimum price on advertising your items as the market will determine the pricing at the time.    We will maintain full open communication with you throughout this process.  All decisions are made by you.

What happens with the funds from the sale of our belongings?

All money received from the sale of your belongings will either be deposited directly into your nominated account.  Alternatively, at your instruction, it can be used as a credit on our invoice.

Who do you donate our items to?

We ask you to nominate your preferred charity.  Some charities we have donated to include Bloomhill Cancer Care, Salvation Army, Lifeline and Sunshine Hospice.   We can provide you with a list of local charities to assist in making your choice.

Free Consultation

The initial consultation is free, following which we can provide you with a quotation.

Call Jeanne today on 0402 126 157 or send her an email.