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The time comes when we can no longer delay leaving our much loved treasured home of many years.  Whether downsizing or moving into an aged care facility, we need to face the inevitable and DECLUTTER.

As overwhelming as this appears, and the most likely reason for delaying, it is a mission which can be accomplished once you have a plan.

We really need to take a deep breathe, sit down and start to tackle this plan carefully.  Do you even know how many things you have?  Are they all that important?  Do you want to keep them all?  Could you make some money from a selection of items or perhaps donate to a local charity?  Take your time considering all these things.

Here are some tips to get you planning:

  • Are you hanging onto items which belong to family members, or indeed have items you would like to pass onto them. Ask them to come and collect what belongs to them and offer them any items you would like them to have.
  • You may realise early in the process you can’t manage this on your own. Do not hesitate to call on your family or friends for help.  It could be, you need professional help.  The Colomba Team are the declutter experts for Seniors relocating on the Sunshine Coast.   We offer a free first consultation to discuss all your requirements. Click here to make an appointment.
  • You will need some equipment. Gather some boxes, garbage bags, tape, marker pens and paper.
  • Where to start? If possible, it’s best to clear a space where you can separate what you wish to keep, what you wish to donate to a charity, items you wish to sell and what is rubbish.   If your family members are yet to collect any of their items, you would need another area for them.  As this process will take more than a day, I would recommend clearing the rubbish when you can.
  • Not ready to pack just yet? Whilst thinking about it, tidy up your cupboards and drawers and put all similar items in the same place, ie. find out how many pens, boxes of tissues, out of date food, you really have…
  • To avoid being overwhelmed, take a day for each room.
  • Depending on the volume of items, you may consider a garage sale.  This can be daunting on your own, so check with neighbours, friends and family for help and a joint venture.
  • Selling items online is time consuming. Social media and eBay are options.   It may be a family member would volunteer to do this task for you.
  • With more treasured items, you should consider obtaining a valuation. Many dealers are available and online.
  • You will need to take breaks.  Know your limits and if you can only manage a few hours each day, so be it.  You will get there in the end.  Take a day off, treat yourself!
  • Ensure to label all boxes you will be taking on your next adventure to ensure the unpacking process will be seamless.

Sticking to a plan will ensure the logistics of a relocation will run smoothly.

The Colomba Team offer a variety of packages to assist you in the process of declutter and relocating on the Sunshine Coast.   Our first consultation is free … Contact us to make a time

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