Jeanne and the Colomba Team are fantastic providing service to my incoming residents.  They achieve amazing results in all aspects of relocation from decluttering and downsizing, clearing and cleaning and disposing of excess furniture and belongings.

Minimising the workload and stress of moving, I could not recommend Jeanne and her Team highly enough.”

Sales Manager, Aged Care Facility, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast.


Father’s relocation into Aged Care Facility.

Two sons living interstate were unable to assist their father’s relocation into aged care due to Covid19.

Meetings were set up over Zoom.  Provided sons with photographs of all possessions for instructions on what to keep or sell.    Packaged up items for family to keep.  Attending to sale of items online.

Attending to donation of remaining items to a local charity.

Thoroughly cleaned unit inside and out with all garbage removed to the tip. Attended Australia Post for return of Foxtel box and personal alarm.

A year and a half later the sons requested assistance to remove personal belongings from their mothers aged care room.


Jeanne is a legend!
She was an absolute delight to deal with, very precise and professional in her communications. Nothing was ever too much trouble. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jeanne if you need to clear out your property. My dealings with Jeanne would be just about the best customer service experience that I have ever had.


The legend lives on……………… It was a pleasure dealing with you once again.



Senior’s move from 5 bedroom family home – clearing and preparing home for urgent sale

Having suffered a stroke and soon after being involved in a minor road accident, the family felt it was time their mother should relocate to an Aged Care Facility.

Both children lived interstate and were unable to assist with organising the 5 bedroom home for sale and settlement.

Colomba sorted through all the personal belongings in the home and arranged for some items to be sold via various websites and businesses.  A garage sale was held for most items no longer needed.   Other items were donated to a local charity.

Treasured and essential items were packed up and transported to Sydney where she was starting her new chapter.

Jeanne assisted the family in researching and engaging an estate agent for the sale of the property.  On behalf of the family she liaised with all trades in preparation of the sale.

On settlement, we ensured the house was ready for the new owners.


Jeanne helped my family during a very difficult time. She helped us with everything. She did a great job liaising with the many different people and contractors who assisted with the renovation and sale preparation of the property.
Jeanne was always warm, friendly, helpful and understanding. She was also extremely trustworthy, honest, hardworking and reliable. We feel very grateful to Jeanne for the fantastic job that she did. Without Jeanne, things would have been a lot more complicated and stressful for everyone in our family.


Jeanne was unbelievable, we could not have done it without her.


Jeanne was given the almost impossible task of a 4-week deadline to work her “miracles” on the sale of this property.
Jeanne coordinated with all the trades and ran the process like a military operation. The end result saw us given a remarkably saleable property that was almost unrecognizable from 4 weeks earlier.
With Jeanne’s help the owners achieved everything they set out to do and more.
Jeanne did such a good job that I cannot do anything but recommend her. She is focused, hardworking and knows her stuff. SIMPLE!

Real Estate Agent


Senior couple moving to Aged Care Facility – and readying home for sale

Both sons lived overseas and unable to assist.  Video calls were organised and we assisted in sorting and packing the belongings they wished to take with them.  We liaised with the family and stored their chosen items.  Numerous items were donated to local charities.

Settlement date on the sale of the unit was continually delayed.   The actual move was confirmed with only 48 hours notice.   Irrespective of the challenges, the move went smoothly and the house was ready for final settlement.

Additional assignment:

A few months later, the mother’s health deteriorated, and we were called upon to relocate her to another care facility.   The Team attended to relocating her to a new home, keeping the family fully abreast of all logistics.


Due to Covid, my brother and I were unable to assist in the move as planned. Colomba provided excellent communication and from my perspective, this was the best part of the service. I never felt that I did not know what was going on nor what was being planned. It gave me peace of mind that there was someone capable helping my parents.


You provided excellent service and I don’t think there is anything you could have done better.


Thanks Jeanne. Once again you’ve exceeded expectations. I spoke to Dad and he is very happy with the result.



Senior lady relocating alone

We assisted a senior lady relocating to an aged care facility and cleared her former home.

The Team worked with the client sorting and packing her treasured items and successfully relocated her to her new unit. We unpacked her belongings and assisted her in settling in.

The Team then returned to her former unit to organise a final clear out and clean.  Items were sold as requested, other items donated to charity, and all rubbish removed and taken to the tip.

The unit was cleaned, yard tidied, carpet cleaners organised and the unit was ready for settlement.


Thank you for all your efforts in moving and settling her in. She certainly could not have managed without your connections and help.


Additional assignment:

Approximately 6 months later, the client’s health had improved and she wished to return to a retirement village.  The Colomba team packed all her belongings, moved and unpacked them into her new place.

Colomba were called back on yet a further occasion when this lady wished to relocate to a large unit.  Colomba provided full assistance and support on this occasion.

Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop about the move. I know she is in very capable hands.



Deceased Estate

Due to Covid restrictions, deceased’s relatives were unable to travel to clear out the property.

Colomba liaised with the clients over telephone and zoom throughout the project.  Items were cleared out of the property and forwarded to clients at their request.  Further items were either donated to local charities or taken to the tip.

The property was fully cleared and cleaned in a timely manner with keys being provided to the landlord appropriately.


We are very grateful for all your hard work and the effort you have put in to make some cash to offset against costs.
Fantastic job Jeanne, you have been a wonderful help. The place is unrecognisable.

Daughter & Son-in-Law